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The AIFI Yearbook, which is now at its twenty-sixth edition, intends to be a simple guide on the main features and trends related to the Italian private equity, venture capital and private debt markets.

In 2022, the investment activity in the Italian private equity and venture capital market reached the highest amount ever invested, driven by some huge deals both in the buy out and in the infrastructure segments. Also venture capital saw another important increase if compared with the previous years. Fundraising was in line with 2021 and divestments increased both in terms of number and amount.

The private debt market saw record values in the investment and fundraising activities, whereas the reimbursement activity saw a slowdown.

The Yearbook, after a description of AIFI’s activities, presents the results of the 2022 Italian private equity and venture capital analysis (realised in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers – Transaction Services), followed by the description of the Italian private debt industry and its characteristics (conducted with the support of Deloitte).

In addition, the Yearbook contains an analysis of the main tax and legal issues, a research about the aggregate performance (IRR) of the private equity and venture capital market (carried out with KPMG Corporate Finance) and a study on the impact of private equity funds on the sustainability of Italian portfolio companies (conducted by EY).

Enjoy reading.

Milan, June 2023

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